“We covered a lot of ground in a short time during the strategic planning and SWOT Analysis sessions, including clearing the air in some emotionally charged areas. We now have direction!”

- Dianne Needles, South Suburban College Business & Career Institute

“During our search for HR leadership, Stephanie came highly recommended as having a strong reputation in the marketplace. We recruited her to MAGENTA and she vastly exceeded our expectations.  Stephanie’s contributions went far beyond providing core HR knowledge and expertise. She served as a key member of our leadership team and not only did she play an integral role in moving our company forward but more importantly her direct contributions made us better. Stephanie is an entrepreneurial self-starter who has the talent and drive to make a positive difference. That is the legacy that a genuine leader imparts on an organization and that is why Stephanie is an invaluable asset to any organization’s leadership”.    

- Former President & CEO, MAGENTA

"Few people have the opportunity to work with a HR professional that possesses both the tactical and strategic mindset required to tackle the ever changing human capital environment - but I did when I worked with Stephanie. I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie on a number of high profile employee related initiatives during her time at Safeware. Her rich prior experience combined with a strong awareness of the practical application always led me to seek out her counsel and advice. I was particularly impressed by Stephanie’s presence and ability to command a room. She has a natural ability to get people on board with her ideas. No matter how sensitive the issue, she always had a way of bringing a real sense of process and fairness to the issue at hand. As a leader or team member, she is an asset to any organization."

                                                                                                     - COO, CFO at Safeware

“As the HR Generalist for Safeware, I had the wonderful opportunity to work under Stephanie’s guidance, for approximately a year.  In that short period of time, I learned to depend on her for sound advice and creative suggestions. Her knowledge and experience, in the field of HR, is second to none. Stephanie’s approach is always strategic in nature but, grounded in reality. Stephanie provided us with the tools to audit our HR policies, processes, and documentation. This allowed us to identify areas for improvement, strengthening the HR role at Safeware.  Stephanie’s approach is that of a mentor, she is kind and supportive, yet she’ll tell you the truth. If you have any need for assistance in human resources, Stephanie, is the one to hire. Engaging HRDesigned4U will be one of the very best business decisions you make!” 

-HR Generalist, Safeware

“It’s rare to find a resource in HR that truly delivers when needed the most - until I had the pleasure of partnering with Stephanie on various initiatives during her tenure at Rush. As my dedicated HR business partner, she was a key resource for me to develop and implement strategies focusing on growth and innovation of my ambulatory pharmacy team. Her ability to apply corporate America strategies into the world of non-for-profit Healthcare was impressive and the utility generated still lasts today.”

                                                                        - Director of Business & Finance Operations, RUSH

"If you want someone who focuses on the human resources matters at hand, with unrelenting focus on getting things done, you want to talk with Stephanie."   

-  Vice President Editorial/Development, RivetRadio

"I would highly recommend Stephanie to any company in need of structure, organization, compliance, and best practices for their HR department. I value the knowledge and expertise she shared and I truly hope to have the pleasure of working with her again in the future."

Credit Manager & Payroll Specialist, Rabine Group